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Banking and Insurance

Beyond the Basics training workshops help you enhance your human resource potentials. The focus is on making them a successful service representative, effective marketer or support staff. This helps you develop :

  1. More productive staff
  2. Stronger customer loyalty
  3. Reduce employee turnover
  4. Sense of belonging with reduce absenteeism
  5. Agile and alert with reduced careless errors
  6. Reduced company�s asset and equipment abuse


The business of insuring human life or any other asset for the consideration of a payment called is insurance. We teach the concept of insurance and the art of its necessity to enable the candidates solicit/sell it appropriately. The training is focused towards the understanding of:

  1. Insurance Concept
  2. Basics of Insurance
  3. Beyond Basics:
    • Benefit Illustrations
    • Charges and Impact of Charges
    • Gross Yield, Reduction in Yield and Net Yield
  4. Why do we need it?
  5. Insurance - a cover against risk
  6. How do I benefit?
    • Protection
    • Economic Stability
    • Provision For Children Education
    • Provision For Children Marriage
    • Provision For Redemption Of Loan
    • Provision For Retirement
  7. Instruments
    • Whole life policy
    • Term policy
    • Endowment policy
    • Annuities or Pensions
    • Mortality rates
    • Premium
    • Life insurance and pensions
    • Business Insurance
  8. Soliciting
    • Prepare and Presenting an Insurance based solution
    • Identifying the prospects
    • How do I plan?
    • How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? - Estimating
    • How do I go about?
    • Insurance and Financial Planning
  9. Selling Insurance to HNI�s
  10. HNI�s need for Insurance
  11. Faith in Insurance
  12. Pitching Insurance
    • Rational Pitch
    • Emotional Pitch

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