Training - FM…

  • Professional Growth

    At Samadhaan we are committed to professional growth of all our associates and believe that people can grow at any point of time in life, it's just the individual focus and the support that needs to be extended to them.

    Comprehensive understanding of subjects - the programs help the employees and executives in using the imputes in their day-to-day working

  • Enhancing Value

    The training programs are designed to apprise you of the Facility Management, Techniques, Strategies and methods. These are meant to increase value and effectiveness of people and contain the real-world insight and valuable know-how needed to handle the job with confidence. The training also combines the management approach that supports staff performance and the market leading practices.

  • Janitorial Program - Li

    This would cover subjects like:

    1. Introduction to Cleaning Service

    2. Basic Cleaning Techniques

    3. Employment Skills 1

    4. Fundamentals of Safety and Sanitation

    The program covers the basic issues like:

    1. How to Clean Restrooms

    2. How to Clean Entryways

    3. How to Clean Elevators

    4. How to Clean Stairways

    5. How to Empty Trash

    6. How to Dust

    How to Mop

    7. How to Vacuum

    The advance portion of the program covers.

    1. Cleaning Service Demonstration

    2. Advanced Cleaning Techniques

    3. Orientation to Competitive Housekeeping

  • Landscapes/Grounds Maintenance - Li

    The program would cover subjects like:

    Intro to Soils, Fertilizers, and Mulches

    Basic Plant Growth & Maintenance

    Employment Skills

    Hand Tool Identification and Methods of Use

    The advance portion of the program covers.

    Advanced Plant Growth and Maintenance

    Employment Skills

    Power Tool Identification and Method of Use

    Landscape/Grounds Maintenance Practicum

    Quality, Quantity and the Employer's Needs

  • Nursing Assistants & Ward Boys - Li

    The program would cover subjects like:

    Exposure to Health Care Facility

    Introduction to Patient Care Theory

    Lab Skills

    Medical Terminology

    Employment Skills

    The advance portion of the program covers.

    Advance Practical Experience in Health Care Facility

    Advance Functional Skills

    Advance Employment Skills

    Advance Clinical Externship

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