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Training � Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting

Data collected is essential in assessing whether a program has achieved its stated objectives. Therefore it is important to train data collectors in the appropriate use of each instrument that will be used. Our training offers a step-by-step guide to develop an easy-to-use and effective how to collect, aggregate and analyze data; and how to report the results. It explains the process of:

  • Data Collection - Gathering the Raw Materials
  • Data Analysis - The Construction Phase
  • Reporting Your Results - The Open House

The ideal Data Collectors

The best available person to collect the information is:

  • Who is available for all data collection cycles
  • Who is available for data collection training
  • Who has strong understanding of and best of relationship to the data source
  • Who has a reasonable level of understanding regarding the data collection task

Focusing on Specific Data Collection Methods

The method of data collection used determines the specific issues that need to be identified. We train our Data Collectors and our training focuses on:

  1. Questions to be asked
  2. Answers to be recorded
  3. Collectors Neutrality
  4. Respondents are to complete the Instruments
  5. The completion of the instrument within a specific amount of time
  6. Collectors to moderate the focus groups to explain ground rules clearly
  7. Description of what is to be observed
  8. Understanding of how information is to be recorded
  9. Description of the time allotted for observation
  10. Which data are eligible for inclusion
  11. The timeframe for the data you wish to collect
  12. How to access and obtain the appropriate materials, remembering that access to some data may be limited for confidentiality reasons

Focusing on General Training Issues

The data collection training would include

  • Clear written instructions on how the instrument is to be administered
  • A walk-through of each item on the instrument, which includes a discussion of intent
  • Review of a standard data set
  • Practice that includes role-playing
  • A clear schedule of dates when the collection of data will occur
  • A clear understanding of who will complete the instruments, structures to support the data collection effort, and where to refer respondents with questions and/or concerns

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