Facility Consulting …

  • Facilities Assessment

    We carry out the assessment systematically estimating the services required and quantities and quality necessary. We assess the manpower requirement, profiles of the people to be deployed, number and type of equipment, requisite cleaning agent. Professional assessment ensures best results.

    The audit report is submitted and if requisitioned, we undertake immaculate implementation of the plan so prepared.

  • Monitoring

    If the client so desire we undertake monitor the operations to ensure that the operations are truly as per plan and are producing the best results.

    Site Audit

    Assessment and audit of facility management enabling management to determine requirement as to quality and quantity of facility management needed. Also periodic audits highlighting services needing attention and improvement.

  • FM Products/Services

    1. The Facility Condition Assessment

    2. Building Condition Audit

    3. Facility Condition Analysis

    4. Benchmarking

    The Facility Condition Assessment

    The Facility Condition Assessment provides complete and improved assessment of long-term facility requirements. While doing this the overall corporate budget for facility management is kept in mind and within that the best possible facility management plan is worked out. Using industry standards, the expected useful life cycles of major components and systems within a facility are estimated and a schedule for meeting the replacement/renewal is prepared. This helps in predicting the required budget levels for future years.

    Building Condition Audit

    A complete inventory of the facility, including equipment is prepared to identify existing deficiencies. A systematic thorough assessment of the existing physical condition and performance of buildings is made to address major and minor corrections needed. A financial plan is prepared for urgent as well as long-term requirements.

    Facility Condition Analysis

    Facility Condition Analysis provides you with a complete, detailed plan of action for renewing your physical properties. A thorough analysis of your premises/building conducted and all the properties are inspected to determine what needs to be repaired, renewed or altered. The Facility Condition Analysis is based on actual conditions at each individual site and allows for detailed customization based on the local environment.


    We help in developing benchmarks for facility management performance levels. An improvement in any performance benchmark makes the performance as a whole more productive.

    Benchmarking is a method of progressively measuring the improvement of an organization. Benchmarking may be done against the performance of markets, against the best performer, and/or against internal performance over the course of a chosen time frame. Opportunities for improvement and drive results are highlighted.

    1. Identify key metrics

    2. Develop the criteria and goals for improvement

    3. Collect information

    4. Analyze the information

    5. Determine and implement the appropriate methods for improvement

    6. Measure improvement

  • Energy & Environment

    Building Mechanical Systems Condition Audit

    New or used buildings have items which play an essential part in the quality of the internal environment created by the building. They support the functionality of the building as a whole.

    It is vital that all building heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and plumbing systems have the required capacities to meet user needs (or can be readily modified to do so),

    these are able to cope with likely changes of user requirements in the future. Inadequate capacity and inability of those services may result significantly in increased operating costs. An assessment of the current condition of equipment and the likely future needs is essential to manage operating costs.

    Energy Management and Program Development

    Most organizations don?t know or have not highlighted how much it costs to energize their existing facilities.

    The challenge ahead is then to build an energy managing culture within your organization, to foster a holistic productive approach, involving technological actions, organizational commitment and behavioral change towards energy efficiency and sustainability, and reduce your organization?s contribution to greenhouse gases (GHGS).

    The objective of our partnership with you is to build with you the framework to integrate an energy management program into your organization, which will lead to energy efficiency, savings, and reduction of GHGs.

  • Maintenance

    Buildings require regular observation and maintenance to minimize the overall operation and maintenance costs of the facility. The use of organized procedures such as planned preventive maintenance will assist this.

    These procedures must be established to be the ?right ones, at the right time and applied at the right place? for both the building and the organization.

    Maintenance policies must be established to deliver the maintenance services that are required.

    Standard of Maintenance

    The operating costs of buildings and the facility asset value are directly proportional to the effort of maintenance applied to the facility.

    Depending upon the use of the facility and the property value desired, standards of maintenance policy needs to be considered and adopted by building owners and managers.

    The standards desired by the owner translate into a maintenance plan for the facility, composed of elements for the short, intermediate, and long-term business considerations for the facility. These standards are:

    Green Clean

    Assuring you a clean, attractive, healthy work environment, we provide you cleaning solutions that are not only healthy, but good.

    Industrial Cleaning.

    Beyond the conventional vacuuming and cleaning and wet scrubbing of floors, we are expanding our many years of experience in the cleaning sector into industry.