Financial Services…

  • Manage the Risk

    It had been a common sense in economics for a long time that risk, in and of it, is not bad. What is bad is risk that is mispriced, mismanaged, or misunderstood. With growth in financial instruments, increased participants and market volatility, financial risk management has become a practical necessity.

  • Financial Options

    Samadhaan offers financial options, which actually make it possible to structure a financial plan that meets your needs. What we do is develop a comprehensive plan to maximize future benefits to your business. The most important aspect is the Samadhaan's philosophy of personal care and high professional standards.

  • Financial Management

    We understand you and your business as much as you do. Our expertise and experience help you organize your resources in a most prudent way.

    Samadhaan has the knowledge, experience, and access to sophisticated product lineup to help you develop a plan that's ideal for your needs.

  • Samadhaan provides investment advisory and other services related to Funds and Investment management to all our members - Big or Small.

    Services Undertaken

    Setting Up of Projects/Service Facilities

    Structuring for Financial Needs

    Debt Syndication

    Private Equity

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Due Diligence

    Feasibility Studies

    Strategic Planning


  • Samadhaan offers tailor made and high quality financial consulting services. For effective results, it is assisted by professionally and efficiently coordinated other corporate support services aimed at improving performance of its clients. These include:

    1. Business Consulting

    2. Facility Management & Mechanised Laundry

    3. Skill Development Training

    4. Marketing and Corporate Growth

    5. Financial Management

    6. Property Management

    Corporate Support Services

    1.Staffing & Employee Development

    2.Social & Market Research

    3.Shipping & Logistics

    4.WEB, ERP & Other IT Solutions