• Result Oriented

    Our services help companies make better business decisions about the business growth and expansion. We offer easy solutions for the most critical problems related to different business aspects of our clients.

    We serve clients in all aspects of financial analysis, investment, property, Training & staffing,facility management and business expansion.

  • Services

    We are proficient in providing a wide range of services which include:

    1. Complete organisational support particularly to Facility Management Companies.

    2. Identifying target market, new products & services and providing financial management and organisational support.

    3. Temporary & permanent staffing solutions including recruitment and Training .


    We assist clients in all aspects of facility management, financial analysis, investment valuation and other proprietary research, market research.

    Our consulting covers systems, methodologies and procedures for the daily oprations as also the appraisal of new assignments and projects. If required we follow this up with execution and implementation and monitoring of the progress.

    The majority of the target clients are SMEs who operate in the facility management, research and survey, financial services, and educational institutions.

    Our consulting services are to help companies make better business decisions about the growth and development and marketing of new products.

    We offer easy solutions for the most critical problems related to different business aspects of our clients. We are proficient in providing a wide range of services which include:

    Complete organisational support of Facility Management Companies including FM Audit and Monitoring.

    We assist Facility Management and other SMEs in

    Services for In-House Programs

    Quality Audits and Benchmarking

    Building Condition Audit

    Time/Cost Study

    Task Specific Cleaning Programs

    Personnel Training

    Cost Reduction Initiatives

    Incentive Driven Workspace

    Services for Outsourced Contracts

    Develop Site Specific Specifications

    Prepare Requests for Proposals

    Help Select the Contractor

    Provide On-Going Quality Assessments

    Assist Contractor with Service Improvement

  • Business Management

    Business planning and organizing

    Record keeping and Data Bank

    Profitability studies

    Decision making and goal setting

    Business Valuation

    Sales and Marketing

    Company Profile Packages

    Sales Training

    Work-load Estimations, and Bidding

    Sales Presentation Packages

    Lead Referrals

    Operations Management

    Cleaning Department Organizing

    Building Inspections

    Project Scheduling

    Equipment and Supply Pur

    Complete support to client in their staffing and other manpower matters.

    Providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions including recruitment and training

    Staffing & Training


    Training & Employee Development

    Full-day or part-day classes and seminars

    Employee Screening

    Selection & Recruitment

    Employee Orientation

    Employee Handbooks

    Team building

    Employee Training

    Custodial Training

    Individual & Group Training

    Certificates upon Completion

    Total Financial advisory and fund syndication

  • Financial and Advisory Services

    Your true partner in your pursuit for better tomorrow

    Ofering tailormade services for working out growth strategies and future planning



    Fund Syndication Activities

    Post Disbursal Monitoring

    Corporate Planning & Growth Strategies

    Liaison with Govts/Semi Govt. Organisations/Industry

    Support Services to Treasury Management & Financial Risk Management

    Complete support to research firms including assistance in gaining valuable information about the effects and reach of advertising the products in different forms of media. To determine which portion of the population will purchase the product/service. We support research in finding out what characteristics the target market has.

    Services To Research Companies

    We organise the following services for you. Our participation frees you from many a supervising and monitoring tasks and ensures that you give more time to your policy making and core business.

    Assembling, Recording & Analyzing of the Data

    1. Data Entry

    2. Analyzing and Evaluating Data Collected


    1. Data Rechecking & Scrutiny Facility to Remove any Type of Errors - All gathered field data

    2. Cross CheckING by team of Supervisors

    3. Senior Staff Supervision and Control Through Multiple Level of Checks

    One To One Interviews

    Focus Group Discussions

    Filtering Process for Interviewee Selection

    Organizing on the Spot Test Ride - Automobile Product

    Test Collection of Opinion for Organizing Product Segmentation.

    In-depth Interviews

    Self-completion interview

    Translation and transcription services

    Print and media tests

    Telephonic interviews

    Product tests

    Central location test

    Customer satisfaction test

    Product placement