Research Services…

  • Market & Social

    In the era where perfection is needed in every aspect of life, we are regarded as leading business promotion and consultancy organization, which provides exclusive services in the area of market research, database information, facility management, Financial Services and Corporate Support Services.

    We partner with thes clients to help them develop a closer insight into emerging customer and market behavior.

  • Right Settings

    We participate in the setting, direct observation, conducting in depth interviews and analysis of documents and materials. The services offered under this category include:

    Assembling, recording & analyzing of the data

    Data Entry

    Analyzing and Evaluating Data Collected

  • Scrutiny

    Data rechecking & Scrutiny Facility to Remove any Type of Errors - All gathered field data

    is cross checked by team of supervisors

    Senior Staff Supervision and Control Through Multiple Level of Checks

    One To One Interviews

    Focus Group Discussions

    Filtering Process for Interviewee Selection

    Organizing on the Spot Test Ride - Automobile Product

  • Test Collection of Opinion for Organizing Product Segmentation.

    In-depth Interviews

    Self-completion interview

    Translation and transcription services

    Print and media tests

    Telephonic interviews

    Product tests

    Central location test

    Customer satisfaction test

    Product placement


    Well Groomed Staff

    Thorough preparation from interviewer side

    Extensive briefing is imparted to both supervisors & interviewers

    Team training

    Meets the exact targeted research needs

  • Our Team

    Our team of experienced and qualified professionals is guided and directed by a business management committee constituting of.

    The core decisions are vetted with the respective service support team.

    To implement the policy decisions of the committee, we have with us:

    Field executives

    Team leaders

    Freelance supervisors

    Project Managers

    Thirty Two Field Executives Across all five zones at India

    Permanent Team Leaders to handle the various segment studies

    Freelance supervisors

    Freelance Investigators