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Employability and Job Readiness Skills

Knowing computer operations, skill relating to filing and data entry are good and essential but not the only skills to gain Employability and Job Readiness, We also need to learn the basic employability skills that are necessary for doing well in our job. These are personal skills, critical thinking skills, and basic education skills. These enable an employee to get along with the co-workers, make good decisions on the job and practice good personal habits like arriving at work on time each day.

Personal Skills

Participants learn how to practice good personal habits such as coming to work on time, skill of dressing appropriately etc.. Personal Skills training programs prepare an employee for real world situations. This helps an employee develop a positive attitude and be open to change.

Critical thinking Skills

The training makes the participants take on the role of a lifelong learner. They learn how to communicate and work through difficult problems.


This is to give the participants an opportunity to learn how to work as a team, respect people of different cultures and make good decisions on the job.

Basic Office Skills

Upon completion of a course of study in Office Skills, students should be able to:

  1. Gain computer Operation and Keyboarding Skills
    • Turn on and off the computer properly and run a computer applications program
    • Use of keyboard and mouse
    • Mastery of the keyboard
  2. Basic Windows Skills
    • Parts of the Windows desktop
    • Use the the mouse; move and resize windows
    • Basic document creation
    • View files, work with files, customize window
    • Understand parts of the computer
  3. Understanding Alphabetizing/Filing
  4. MS Office Applications
    • Word Processing: Microsoft Word
    • Intermediate/Advanced Word Processing, Microsoft Word
    • Desktop Publishing with Word
    • Creating presentations using PowerPoint
    • Beginning Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel
    • Intermediate/Advanced Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel
  5. Gain Knowledge in Databases using Microsoft Access

Dress for Success

It gives a competitive edge and create a positive first impression. Learn how to dress appropriately for the Office.

Make sure you have:

  1. Clean and polished shoes
  2. Well-groomed hairstyle
  3. Cleaned and trimmed fingernails
  4. Minimal cologne or perfume
  5. No visible body piercing
  6. Well-brushed teeth and fresh breath
  7. No gum, candy, or other objects in your mouth
  8. Minimal jewelry
  9. No body odor

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