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Environmental Solutions

In association with our partner, an environmental company engaged in the design, engineering and application of turnkey technology solutions for air and water purification, and for energy management, we provides solutions for all situations involving severe environmental constraints, including those which can best be solved using ozone technology � a field where our partner is a pioneer in the country. The Company has offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, New Delhi and Pune.

Our strength is in Application Engineering and Process Design: In association with leading Research Institutes, Hardware and Software suppliers to provide both a complete solution as well as turnkey engineering.

The range of solutions offered

  1. Ozone-based Indoor Air Quality

    Improvement systems with additional energy saving potential for large air-conditioned buildings such as offices, shopping malls, hotels, pubs, discotheques etc. Savings on installed cost can be as much as 25-30 %, with even higher reductions in annual operating costs. Multiplexes such as at The Forum, Bangalore, have benefited immensely from such technology.

  2. Ozone-based cooling tower water treatment

    Systems that eliminate chemical treatment and can be retrofitted into any central water-cooled air-conditioning plants. With immense cost-saving potential, by reason of lower power usage, these systems, as used by the US Department of Energy, have a typical Return on Investment of as low as 18 months, and savings for the lifetime of the cooling tower system. We installed the first ozone cooling tower system in India � The Forum Mall.

  3. Advanced Filtration systems for cooling tower and chilled water closed loop systems.

    Used in conjunction with chemical or any other treatment system, this ensures removal of all suspended matter up to 0.45 micron. The same unit can be used to treat open loop and closed loop. Continuous filtering will remove suspended solids, which cause higher energy costs, biological fouling, scaling, corrosion and legionella in HVAC systems.

  4. Skid-mounted ozone-based and RO-based purified potable water systems

    For hospitals, office complexes, hotels, resorts, and housing complexes. UF based potable drinking water systems � ideal for remote villages or construction camps.

  5. Ozone systems for swimming pool disinfection

    For hotels, clubs, resorts etc.

  6. Ozone systems for kitchen and garbage

    Odours elimination, saving energy while reducing smells.

  7. Four different cutting-edge, small-footprint sewage recycling systems

    For hotels, offices, software parks, housing complexes etc. Based on state of the art MBR technology, or SAFF, FBBR, IDEA and UF systems, these treatment plants, range from 50 M3/day to 750 M3/day modules, and are engineered for the highest standards of re-use (cooling towers, landscaping, toilet flushing). A free consultancy service enables clients choose the technology best suited to the particular application, and to the specific situation.

  8. Effluent treatment systems for complex industrial effluents,

    Such as dairies, leather, textiles, etc. Tesla also incorporates, into its effluent treatment plants, the MBR, SAFF as well as conventional treatment systems.

  9. Solid waste management systems,

    Using a compact aerated bio-reactor system which efficiently converts organic solids to bio-manure. Systems for convert vegetable and fruit wastes into valuable compost and liquid bio fertilizers.

  10. Solid waste to power conversion systems.

    Our systems efficiently and invisibly convert, without any energy addition, organic waste to bio gas, and thence to electrical power. Residual bio-sludge is converted to organic manure.

  11. Turnkey hot water systems from Ecotherm gmbh.

    Austria, for hotels, resort, villa complexes. Compact design, energy and space saving installations.

  12. Patented vortex filtration system from Sonitec Inc. Canada,

    For removal of suspended particle as small as 0.45 microns from HVAC cooling tower systems. This has been proven world wide for improvement of heat transfer efficiency and environmental benefits including elimination of bacteria such as legionella and e-coli.

  13. Laundry equipment for commercial laundries,

    Laundromats, hotels, garments units etc. We represent world�s leading laundry equipment manufacturer from Europe, and offer a complete design, supply and install service, in partnership with our Principals, including Unipress Finishing Equipment from USA as well as Gamesail Inc. Shanghai.

  14. Ozone Systems for Commercial and Hotel Laundries

    That eliminate the requirement for hot water in the wash cycle. Process also reduces wash cycles, reduces drying cycle, reduces detergent requirement, and increases linen life: savings provide very short ROI: Infosys campuses, Renaissance Hotels, ITC Hotels and other clients have all been proved the benefit of ozone in everyday use.

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